The Euroregion, a resilient territory by 2030

The objective of the Euroregion is to become a resilient territory by 2030, acting for a Europe of the territories.

The Euroregion seeks to:

  • create in the north-east of the Mediterranean a pole of sustainable development based on the social, environmental, cultural and economic integration of the territory;
  • contribute to the construction of a Europe of the regions: united, socially-committed and close to citizens.

Its challenges are to:

  • assert itself as a territory of projects at a European level;
  • advocate with a single voice key projects for the balanced and sustainable development of our territories, preserving our natural wealth;
  • improve the competitiveness of the territory while putting people at the core of the action;
  • become a European pole in the Mediterranean basin of green and blue growth through innovation and the links established between our university, technology, scientific and cultural centres, and the financial actors.

It is worth recalling that from 2017 to 2020, the EPM adopted with a strategic framework defining the main lines of work, which you can find here.

In 2014, the Committee of Regions recognised the Euroregion as the “best European entity of territorial cooperation”, a real laboratory that has inspired other initiatives as it is one of the first Euroregional organisations created in Europe.