Higher education and research


Since 2009, the Euroregion has promoted the Eurocampus Pyrenees Mediterranean, a tool to help Euroregional universities and research centres to cooperate with each other. 

This Eurocampus was the result of the desire to support a Euroregional group of over 700,000 students, professors and researchers in 2020.

The calls in the framework of the Eurocampus accounted for over 1 million euros of funding between 2009 and 2020.

The Eurocampus is based on mobility, exchange of knowledge, cooperation in terms of research and innovation as well as the establishment of networks between professors, researchers and the business world.

The objective of the Euroregion through the Eurocampus is “to articulate all higher education and research agents in the Euroregion and increase the attractiveness of the territory.”

The objective for 2030 will be to further help the universities, their research centres and their students and researchers so that they are ready to face the challenges of education and research of the future in an increasingly more uncertain context.

Initiatives in the framework of the Eurocampus aimed at higher education and research:


The Covid-19 Euroregional fund seeks to enable the continuity of education, cooperation between universities and inclusion of all students despite the restrictions due to health crises.

Eurocampus cheque

Currently the “Eurocampus” mobility cheque is available to all Master’s and Bachelor’s degree students from the Euroregional territory that move to one of the three regions. Information about this grant of 600 euros is available here.

Thesis co-supervisions

The Euroregion has supported thesis co-supervisions in order to strengthen research relations between universities.

Double degrees

Moreover, the Euroregion promotes double degrees and encourages mobility of teaching staff and researchers through specific grants.

Participation in European projects

Globally, the Euroregion proposes to help its universities through cooperation in both the Euroregional and European framework. To this end, it has for instance participated as a leader in the framework of the European project EHealthEurocampus, funded by Erasmus +, along with universities in its territory and in Europe in order to develop training and relations between the universities from the world of health and engineering.


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