Environment, Climate and Energy


The Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean seeks to protect and promote its biodiversity and natural resources, foster the local production of renewable energy and, more globally, a low-carbon economy that adapts to climate change.

To this end, it has opened calls for the last ten years to strengthen Euroregional ecosystems in the environment, climate and energy in the face of these challenges.

In 2020, it opened a specific call, the COVID-19 Aid Fund, in order to support projects in the circular economy, as well as in the green and blue economy.

By 2030, the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion aspires to be a sustainable area that conserves its natural resources and is prepared for the challenges of climate change. That sustainability will be based on a carbon-neutral economy. The Euroregion preserves and values its biodiversity and its natural resources and will encourage the transition to euroregional energy sovereignty.

European Context

The Euroregion Commission for Sustainable Development decided in February 2012 to finance the projects submitted by the following beneficiaries:

The Leader Ripollès Ges Bisaura association, which submitted the project “Energ.Tur-InfoEnergy and Tourism”, which aimed to support the tourism industry to make it aware of its impact on climate change and that this could be solved through energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy. The Fundación Empresa y Clima, whose project aimed to provide global indicators to measure the effects of climate change in the Euroregion and thus contribute to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of the tourism sector.