European projects


The Euroregion aims to:

  • assert itself as a territory of projects on a European level,
  • support with a single voice key projects for the balanced and sustainable development of our territories, while preserving our natural wealth.

In order to achieve this, in the period 2011/2020 it participated in 6 European programmes: Interreg Sudoe / Interreg Med / Interreg Europe / Life / Erasmus + / Europe Creative. 

As a result of these projects, the Euroregion has over 40 members throughout Europe. 

It leads and has led and participated in 9 European projects for a total amount of around 9 million euros, of which 6 million are allocated to the socioeconomic actors and citizens of the territory.

The 6 projects have an average completion rate of around 90%.

The Euroregion was involved in 3 projects in 2020 and is prepared for the next period of programming of European programmes 2021/2027 in order to secure new strategic projects.