The Spur




Name: The Spur
Programme: Europe Creative / Subprogramme Culture
Line: Cooperation projects at a small scale
Total budget: €333,333
EU funding: €200,000 (60%)
Co-funding: €133,333 (90,000 from the Euroregion subsidy)
Length: 2 years
Start: 1 June 2016
End: 31 August 2018

Project website:


  • Girona City Council / Bòlit. Centre d’Art Contemporani, Girona (ES) – Leader
  • EGTC Pyrenees Mediterranean (FR/ES)
  • Le LAIT, Centre d’Art, Albi (FR)
  • Es Baluard, Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani, Palma (ES)
  • Bureau des arts et des territoires, Montpellier (FR)
  • Fondazione per l’Arte, Rome (IT)
  • Sputnik Oz, Bratislava (SK)

The programme requires at least 3 countries. The project involves 7 partners from 4 countries: FR/ES/IT/SK.


  • Develop innovative projects to strengthen the professional capacities and transnational mobility of creators, especially visual artists, enabling a greater orientation of the sector towards the economy of creativity and the exploration of new commercial and work models.
  • Implement transnational co-management processes between different organisations in order to foster cooperation and transfer of knowledge and, consequently, generate a bank of management resources at European level that can be exported and reused while helping to strengthen the professional capacities of the sector.


  • PROSPECTION. Creation of spaces of artists as seeds to strengthen professional capacities and socio-urban renewal. Exploration of new forms of embedment and improvement of the relationship of artistic creation with the urban and socioeconomic context.
  • INNOVATION. Activation of a model of creative residences aimed at research and the development of professional profiles through their integration into the real economy, backed by the mentorship, advice and internationalisation provided by Internet.
  • KNOWLEDGE. Holding of seminars to disseminate the experiences developed by the project, and systematise knowledge, recording and making it transferable.
  • COMMUNICATION. Creation of a blog, 2.0 actions and publishing of a dynamic online journal-catalogue and final publication, aimed at the creative industry sector and visual arts professionals at a global scale, given its presence on Internet, and conceived as a living platform of resources to boost the project during the implementation schedule (and later).
  • ORGANISATION. Creation of a transnational work team that, based on shared knowledge and good practices, is responsible for the monitoring of the project, generates management tools of European transnational validity (bank of resources) and establishes itself as a space of stable cooperation in all kinds of projects between two or more partners (exhibitions, exchanges, co-productions, etc.)


Visual artists from an EU member country.


The team of the EGTC (Euroregion) coordinates the communications action and participates in the implementation of the model of co-management and exchange of good practices (organisation action).

The Spur, a new artistic cooperation project in the Euroregion

This project, which was awarded a European subsidy in the framework of the programme Europe Creative, networks art centres in Girona, Palma de Mallorca, Montpellier, Albi, Bratislava and Rome.

  • The project The Spur is born out of the support of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean in the framework of its annual grants to cultural organisations.
  • The most innovative action seeks to create spaces of project incubation in run-down or forgotten city centres.
  • The EU, through the programme Europe Creative, subsidises 60% of the project, which seeks to enable the mobility of visual artists and creative residences.

The Spur is a major project of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean, along with Bòlit. Centre Art Contemporani. Girona and other art centres in Palma de Mallorca, Montpellier, Albi, Bratislava and Rome. The project, which receives a European subsidy in the framework of the European project Europe Creative, facilitated between 2016 and 2018 the international mobility of visual artists as well as many creative residences.

The project aims to establish a work group based on European cooperation and internationalisation and seeks to highlight new forms of residences of visual artists and creative industries. The most innovative action of The Spur is the creation of project incubators in run-down venues in the cities.

The total project budget is €333,000, of which 60% is covered by a European subsidy through the Europe Creative programme of the European Commission. The project brings together seven partners from four countries: along with the Euroregion and Bòlit, it involves the contemporary art centre Es Baluard based in Palma de Mallorca, the French art centres Le LAIT in Albi and the Bureau des Arts et des Territoires in Montpellier, Sputnik Oz in Bratislava and the Fondazione per l’Arte in Rome.

In the framework of the call of the Euroregion and Europe Creative – Cooperation Projects, the The Spur / ETACEC project 16-18 launches a selection process of European artists from an EU member state to participate in its programme of artists in residence.

En el marc de la convocatòria de l’Euroregió i Europa Creativa – Projectes de Cooperació, el projecte The Spur / ETACEC 16-18 posa en marxa un procés de selecció d’artistes europeus d’un estat membre de la Unió Europea per participar en el seu programa d’artistes en residència.


Six grants have been awarded to 6 artists in residence to develop research works with a special emphasis on research and creative processes. The residence with expert mentorship lasts two months or eight weeks and takes place in one of the network’s centres.


A grant of €3,800 will be given to each artist for research, expensive and travel.