COFoE | Territorial cohesion in the Mediterranean | Webinar

today 18 de November de 2021


The Secretary General of the Euroregion, Xavier Bernard-Sans, participates in the web seminar “The Mediterranean and the EU: a basin to cohesionate”, organised by the Departments of External Action of the Generalitat Valenciana and of the Government of the Balearic Islands, within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFoE), in three parts:
I_ Territorial cohesion in the Mediterranean: the need for multi-level governance
II_ The sustainability of the European Mediterranean: the need to address territorial vulnerability
III_ The economic future of the Mediterranean: the need to diversify and consolidate economic areas.

In each session, participation will be open to the attending public.

You can follow the whole cycle live here.


Begin 18 de November de 2021 H 09:30
End 18 de November de 2021 H 13:45
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