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The Habitacio project was a dance company project that included the Cie Samuel Mathieu (MP), the leader, the Companyia Mar Gómez (CAT) and La Galerie Chorégraphique (LR).

This initiative aimed to bring together the two companies of contemporary choreography and the office of artistic production. An observatory of the creative process on artistic research and creation was established. Finally, dance performances were created and promoted at Euroregional level.

The Euroregion provided €23,500 and the project lasted 11 months.

More information here

Bach +

The Bach + project was a live performance project that combined music and dance. Participating associations were thr Ensemble Baroque de Toulouse (MP), the leader, ADDMD 11 (LR) and Fusic, the Fundació Societat i Cultura (CAT).
The purpose of this project was to provide public access to classical music in different ways, including heritage, multilingualism, cultural tourism, and synergy with young amateur talent.
The project lasted less than 12 months. The Euroregion awarded a grant of €15,000.

Regio Marionnette

The Regio Marionnette project was a contemporary puppet project. Participating organisations: EQL / marionnettissimo (MP), the leader, Arema (LR), the centre Titelles de Lleida (CAT), and Til Teatre Elastic Nou (IB).
The aim of this project was, first and foremost, to encourage cross-border communication and the mobility of artists and audiences. In a second step to produce some cross-border projects of the participating organisations. Finally, to involve the audience in all stages of the process through an international school of the audience.
This project lasted 25 months and €45,000 was provided by the Euroregion.

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Scena Centro

The Scena Centro project was a performing arts project for young people. The participating associations were Phonomatic (MP), the leader, BAO (LR), Sa Xerxa(IB) and the Xarxa (CAT).
The aim of this project was to create an exceptional platform for artistic creation and dissemination of the arts centres among young people.

The project, scheduled for early January 2012, ran for two years. The Euroregion provided support of €50,000.

For more information about the project, go to the website, the Twitter account and the Facebook page.

Process( )s Pirineu Circ

The Process( )s Pirineu Circ project comprised four organisations: the Central del Circ (an association of circus professionals in Catalonia), the leader, La Grainerie (MP), Perpignan Tourism Office  (LR) and the cultural association Animahu (AR). The purpose of this project was to highlight the creation and promotion of circus arts in the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean through the movement of artists and productions. This initiative was organised around two activities: support for creation and dissemination.
This project covered 2.5 years and had funding of €40,000 from the Euroregion.

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VIA, Viatges d’Interes Artistic

The VIA (Viatges d’Interès Artístic) project was a visual and performing arts project. Diverse associations were involved: Festival Escena Poblenou (CAT), the leader, the festival Label Rue (LR), the Festival de les Arts al Carrer de Capdepera (IB) and the association La Petite Pierre (MP).
The purpose of this project was to facilitate the movement of companies in the Euroregional territory.
The Euroregion provided funding of €48,500 and it lasted 18 months.

More information here

Recursos Musicals en Llengua Catalana

The Recursos Musicals en Llengua Catalana project was a musical project combining Grup Enderrock Edicions S.L (CAT), led by the Associació de Músics per la Llengua (IB) and Col·lectiu Joan Pau-Giné.
The aim of this project was to create a database in the 21st century of Catalan music and products for its export.

This project covered 1 year with €18,000 of funding from the Euroregion

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