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With the aim of combating young people’s disaffection with scientific study, the project aimed to spread scientific, technical and industrial culture through the development of serious games, which motivate young people to take an interest in the main scientific fields. The leader, the Centre Universitaire de Formation et de Recherche Jean-François Champollion (MP), has partnerships with Aerospace Valley (MP), the company KTM Advance – Albi (MP), the Ligue de l’Enseignement 31 (MP), the Université Montpellier 2 (LR), the Centre Européen de Recherches Préhistoriques de Tautavel (LR) and the Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya.

The Euroregion provided funding of €40,000 to the project, for 12 months.

Scena Centro

This project aimed to establish a platform to create and disseminate the performing arts for a young audience, seeking to forge links between artistic teams, professional networks, cultural centres and major events specialising in young people, as well as promoting creation to a younger audience, whatever the chosen art form – theatre, music, dance, puppets, digital and visual arts. The partnership comprised Phonomatic (MP), project leader, Le BAO (LR), Sa Xerxa (IB) and the  Xarxa d’Espectacle Infantil i Juvenil de Catalunya (CAT).

The Euroregion awarded a €70,000 grant to this 12-month project. The partnership had already received a €50,000 Euroregional grant in 2011.

More information on the Scena Centro website and its social media platforms.


Project that developed a network of Pyrenean heritage interpretation centres, seeking to expand its partnership and actions, especially through the organisation of Euroregional Meeting on Pyrenean Heritage. The initial partnership comprised the Ecomuseu de les Valls d’Aneu (CAT), project leader, the Maison Pyrénéenne du Pastoralisme d’Azet (MP), the Maison des Sources de Mauléon-Barousse (MP), the Musée Larrey de Beaudéan (MP), the Communauté de Communes du Canton d’Oust (MP) and the Musée de la Chapellerie (LR).

The Euroregion awarded a grant of €30,000 for this 12-month project.


The project aimed to develop support for artistic activity and maintain the circuit implemented in 2010 through another Euroregional grant. The project created a stable network through which artists from three regions were able to perform concerts and benefit from technical support. The aim was to create a permanent Euroregional music circuit and provide artistic support for emerging groups so that the Euroregional scene could expand beyond its borders. The partnership comprised the Xarxa de Cases de la Música Popular de Catalunya (CAT), project leader, Avant-Mardi (MP) and the Méridionale des Spectacles (LR).

The Euroregion awarded a €30,000 grant to this 24-month project.

The project:…

Literary visits

The project aimed to explore the literary heritage of Catalan writers through a smartphone and tablet app that brings together geolocation, literature and landscape. The partnership comprised Espais Escrits, Catalan literary heritage network and project leader, the Casa-Museu Llorenç Villalonga (IB), Mairie d’Ille-sur-Têt (LR) and the Ayuntamiento de Mequinenza (Aragon).

The Euroregion awarded a grant of €10,000 to this 18-month project.


The project aimed to develop an online digital artistic co-creation platform, a virtual meeting point from which multidisciplinary teams would be formed to create short films to compete in Maremostra, a marine film festival in Palma de Mallorca. The partnership comprised Clúster Audiovisual de les Illes Balears – CLAB, project leader, the Fundació i2Cat (CAT) and Kawenga (LR).

The Euroregion awarded a grant of €30,000 to this 18-month project.

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