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The direct result of the project Reacciona, selected for the call of the Euroregion Culture project 2016, is an improved version bearing in mind the experience during the initial project. “Reacciona Ara” enables young people to get access to the audiovisual tools and move from the passive role of viewer to that of an active creator. From the educational point of view, “Reacciona Ara” introduces audiovisual creation to 400 young people in the Euroregion through the production of 12 audiovisual pieces written, directed, performed and edited by the young participants (6 per region). Finally, “Recciona Ara” enables a service to be provided based on a commission by an NGO. This NGO shares its needs with the students and commits to using the work. Its undertaking involves the creation of a crossborder team to take methodologies, knowledge and management practices to a new level. The project is again based on the collaboration between Taller de CinemaCinémathèque de Toulouse and Mom Works.

It received a Euroregional grant of €23,000 for a period of 22 months.


The “La Passarel·la” project brings together three associations from the world and traditional music sector (Fundació MediterràniaFira d’espectacles d’arrel tradicional, Silo / Associació Jazzamèze and the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics) and strengthens new actions of cooperation. This involves two essential aspects: the artists’ mobility and the circulation of musical works in the territory of the Euroregion, but also the holding of professional meetings to analyse the common values and components of the music of the territories participating in the project.

The project received a subsidy from the Euroregion of €22,500 for a period of 15 months.


As an heir of the archaeological heritage of Antiquity, of which the Mediterranean Sea has been the epicentre, the InterMedit project aims to create a meeting point, emphasising this thousand-year richness in the heart of the Euroregion. A witness of the trade and cultural activity established between the Phoenician settlers of Ibiza (Associació d’Amics del Museu Arqueològic d’Eivissa i Formentera), the Greek colonists of Empúries (Associació Cultural Untikesken – Amics d’Empúries) and the indigenous peoples that live in the lands of current Occitanie (Oppidum et Musée d’Ensérune), three contemporary actors participate in this exchange project. The main objective of InterMedit will be to organise a travelling exhibition in the three regions and include educational activities accessible to a diverse public; it will essentially focus on the intercultural lifestyle that characterised the Mediterranean in Antiquity.

The project received a subsidy from the Euroregion of €22,500 for a period of 24 months.

RCMPM (Xarxa de Creació de Música Pirineus-Mediterrani)

The Xarxa de Creació de Música Pirineus-Mediterrani (RCMPM) is a project of creation of transnational and collaborative networks. It brings together cultural actors (artistes, performers/ensembles, places of residence and dissemination in the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean) working to promote creative music and new technologies. Its objective is to create new innovative musical pieces through an international call for projects in order to create original works that combine contemporary music and new technologies. The awardees will participate in a short-term residence and will have the opportunity to play in concerts. This project is a collaboration between Flashback66 , PhonosPlaca Base and La Unió Social Flix.

It received a Euroregional subsidy of €20,000 for a period of 17 months.


“Cinema a la Frontera 2019” is a project of exchanges in the field of cinema and audiovisual. Several professional initiatives in Occitanie (NordSud FilmsCinémaginaire), Catalonia (Festival de Cinema de Girona) and the Balearic Islands (Cineciutat) meet to open new possibilities for the Euroregional associations. The objective of the project is to establish a network of partner associations from the 3 territories, mobilising these associations in the organisation of large-scale events in the 3 territories.

The project received a subsidy from the Euroregion of €22,000 for a period of 22 months.


Circ au carré

Circ au Carré is a project whose objective is to reinforce the links between the actors of contemporary circus in the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean (artistes, staff and directors of organisations) but also to provide opportunities for mobility and development to local emerging artistes. There are four creation centres recognised in its territory (La Grainerie – La Verrerie – Alcem el Cine – La Central del Circ), which together will select four local enterprises to offer them an experimental residence in a territory other than that of the residence, during which they will be able to invite a local artiste to discuss and reflect in a regional context on how to meet their specific needs. These enterprises will also be invited to participate in two crossover workshops, with the presence of other professionals from the sector in our territories. These workshops seek to gather ideas and reflect on the relationship between artistes and professionals.

The project received a subsidy from the Euroregion of €22,500 for a period of 22 months.

La cultura oral dels paisatges culturals agraris de l’Euroregió Pirineus-Mediterrànea

“La cultura oral dels paisatges culturals agraris de l’Euroregió Pirineus-Mediterrànea” (The oral culture of the agricultural cultural landscapes of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean) is a project that aims to document and highlight the intangible assets related to the process of transformation of the landscape as a consequence of the changes in agriculture and production processes. It consists of choosing an agricultural cultural landscape from each territory, a work of research on literature and the recovery of the oral memory of those who were witnesses of and/or actors in these developments. The outcomes will feed an exhibition, technical meetings and also be available on a website and an online inventory. In this way, the Euroregional cooperation networks will be created and consolidated among the associations involved in order to promote knowledge, reflection, debate and participation of the communities in each territory of this specific heritage. The members of this project are: Consell Insular de Mallorca – Departament de Cultura, Patrimoni i Esports, Institut Ramon Muntaner (IRMU) and “Saloir” from the town of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.

It received a Euroregional subsidy of €15,000 for a period of 24 months.

Cinema Lliure a la Biblioteca

Cinema lliure a la Biblioteca is a project of exchange and cultural link that fosters the use of local audiovisual creation and promotes the use of libraries as a social space with the support of Mago ProductionGodo Films and the Associació de Productores Audiovisuals de les Illes Balears (APAIB). The project combines the screening of documentaries in a format of a film season in several libraries with the exchange of literary and audiovisual works between the different participating networks, all of them under the production label “Pyrénées-Méditerranée”. The aim is to screen a similar number of documentaries from each region. The ideal scenario would be to present 12 documentaries from Catalonia, 8 from the Balearic Islands and 8 from Occitanie.

The project received a subsidy from the Euroregion of €22,500 for a period of 12 months.

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