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Eurocampus call 2015 – Grants for mobility for co-supervised theses


The call strengthened university cooperation in the field of the Eurocampus through grants for mobility for co-supervised theses. These grants were designed to give support to PhD students of the Eurocampus who write a thesis in the field of a partnership between Euroregional universities from different countries. The grant covered the additional expenses related to mobility between France and Spain. A “bonus” was also given to the projects that included cooperating with a company in order to enable professional employability and the link between the economic and academic world. The call was open to all fields of knowledge but with a focus on projects related to the fields designed in the Euroregional Innovation Strategy: ICT at the service of health, sustainable water management, agrofood, and tourism.

Amount of the grant: between €8,000 and €11,000. Financial envelope: €45,000.

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