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Language project IC4


Intensive training in languages, of short duration and adapted to students and researchers in “mobility” within the Euroregion

Because of its history, the Euroregion has four languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and Occitan. The use and knowledge of these languages is quite uneven. Languages, therefore, form a linguistic “barrier” between the citizens of the Euroregion and the university students of the Eurocampus that may hinder the mobility of Eurocampus members.

This is why one of the priorities of the Eurocampus has been the design and coordination of an intensive and practical language learning project for students in mobility for the period prior to the start of the academic year.

The IC4 programme proposes a learning module of 30 hours of intensive lessons in six Romance languages focused on the four languages of the Euroregion (Catalan, French, Spanish and Occitan).

The training consists of intensive and simultaneous written comprehension of these languages.

The texts have increasing difficulty and length. Each of them is read out loud and then, with the help of the monitors, students do an active reading while developing the skills of formal and functional decoding: lexical, syntactic, morphological, intonation, para-verbal.

Students themselves build up a comparative grammar and in 30 hours develop the skills to enable them to read and understand from 75 to 100% of an informative text in all the languages studied.

Most of the IC4 training is based on intercomprehension, being able to understand the (oral and written) language of a person without being able to speak it.

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